Melissa Daniels is a minor character in the television series Dynasty on The CW. She first appeared in the Season 1 episode, Promises You Can't Keep. She is portrayed by Kelly Rutherford.


Melissa Daniels is Paul Daniels' wife. She reveals some affairs of her husband to Cristal, who used the information to protect her family in the view of an explosive upcoming article about the corruption of the Senator.

After the revelation of the sex scandal instead of the corruption, the Senator is forced to demise.

In Poor Little Rich Girl, Steven asks Melissa, with whom he had a brief affair ten years ago, for help when Sam receives an eviction letter from ICE. He agrees to sleep with her again in exchange for her help.

In Dead Scratch, before Steven is about to marry Sam, Melissa tells him that she is pregnant.


Season 1 (3/22)

Season 2 (0/22)



  • Kelly Rutherford previously worked with Grant Show (Blake Carrington) in the 1990s primetime soap-opera Melrose Place, but they never shared any scenes.
  • Although Melissa is a original character created for the reboot she kind shares the same purpose as Heather Lockclear's Sammy Jo did having a imitate relationship with Steven when he was confused about his true sexuality and ending up being pregnant with his child.
    • In the original, Steven ended up having a son commonly known as Danny. In this reboot, Melissa is currently expecting Steven's child. It is unknown if whether or not depending on if she has a son or not. This baby will be Danny's reboot counterpart.